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        1. Bottom Sensor

          Sensor for Electric Cooker

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          Product Description

          Specifications / technical requirements:

          Thermal fuse link parameter: AC250V / 2A169221℃(temperature optional)

          Thermistor: R25℃ = (50100)K2 ± 1% B25 / 50℃? C=3950k ± 1%

          Insulation resistance: DC500V100s

          Electrical strength: AC1800V / 1 sec / 5 mA?



          With a certain measuring power, the resistance value of NTC thermistor decreases rapidly with the increase of temperature. Using this characteristic, the temperature of NTC thermistor can be determined by measuring its resistance value, so as to achieve the purpose of temperature detection and control.


          Application range:

          Widely used in rice cookers, air conditioning, refrigerators, freezers, water heaters, low and medium temperature drying boxes, thermostats and other electrical appliances.


          1. Strong anti-interference ability
          2. Stable performance
          3. Automatic Control and Detection
          4. Strong consistency and high accuracy of temperature measurement
          5. Long working life

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